The general presbytery does all the administration work of the church and the business of the association. The presbytery consists of faithful church members for a lengthy time. The presbytery has been processed, interviewed and ordained by the Apostle of Mision Divina church. The presbytery must be a church member for more than three years to be considered..

Genovevo and Juanita Izaguirre
Pastores Generales

Joe Ramirez
Pastor Asistente

Lic. Carlos Vega


Elias Delgado
Presidente de Ancianos

Marisol Villegas

Brenda Duff

Sandra Delgado

"Men and Woman of God that love the Lord  sacrificially with all their heart"



Director: Israel Perez

The music ministry consists of musicians, singers that are women and men of God that flow in the anointing of God. They represent the church in its multicultural ethnicity. This ministry consists of music professionals that are students, housewives, that have participated in local, national and international conferences in the United States and Mexico.


*ministers worship during Tuesday and Sunday services.

Tuesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 10am

*ministers participate in massive outreaches of the association



* 6 month church membership

* interview and auditions only by directors appointment

* practice attendance is a must and also weekly services


Director: Gina Rangel

Worship Warriors

*Tambourines, tabarets, flags, streamers, rain sheets, swords, banners, and more

Gods worship takes various forms and musical dancing styles. This department participates in spiritual warfare with instruments. The dancers prepare the atmosphere so the Holy Spirit talks during the preaching of the word of God. This department requires much sacrifice and time.

 •All are welcome
 •Interview by directors and church officials 
-must attend the meetings and practices required by the Department
 •To enroll a child (call the director) 

 *variety performances throughout the year and holidays 
*Participation mass events of the church and association.


Director: Claudia Garcia

The women ministry is design to administer women of all ages and enhance the gifts that the Holy Spirit has deposited, in their lives. This ministry desires for the members to be fruitful and for them to be a blessing to their families, church and community.

Department Activities

*monthly special services

*spiritual retreats during the summer

*personal evangelism throughout the city

*women conferences

Everyone Welcome

*for directing positions, 6 months church membership


Director: Lluvia Gonzalez

The children's church is prepare to minister your children from toddlers to  adolescents  rooms are prepare with toys and more, 
and we provide snacks occasionally and 'always a security usher being alert.

Rooms are design with the latest technology, we have lessons on dvd, the children have play and have special games, all in a very fun ministry.
The workers are secure and are process and interview by the church presbytery.

Department  Activities
*Special services every 2 months *Field days *Recreational activities *Spiritual retreats

*Wednesday 7pm - 9 pm 
*Sunday 10am -12pm

 •All are welcome
 •Interview by directors and church officials 
-must attend the meetings and practices required by the   Department
 •To enroll a child (call the director)


Directors: Paulino Villegas

Youth vision is for all to come to the knowledge of Jesus in this generation and the next. 

* We welcome all youth, 412 helps the youth with words of encouragement during required times, we also help as a family to those young people who need direction.
The directors and assistants of 412 are theologically trained and help with a variation of activities that range from school homework and school events.
In this ministry 412 seeks to strengthen the youth with companionship and guidance according to the Scriptures. Another area where 412 helps is building up a generation of warriors that are faithful to Jesus and will soon become ambassadors in different cities, states and countries assisting in the outfield by preaching the gospel becoming powerful carriers of his works and wonders, Daniel 11:32

*Special services *spiritual retreats *recreational activities *city outreach *plays and dramas *mimes *scavenger hunts *car washes *birthday reunions *cell groups *love your neighbor (food outreach)


Director: Joe Ramirez

Main reason for his committee is to prepare
men to serve God, their families and church as example of real men of 

Department Activities
Monthly service,retreats on the 
beach, and special conferences

Requirements to Participate
*No requirements to participate just be e member of the church
*To be an oficial everybody needs to be a member for 6 months at least.


Director: Mary Perez

Pray for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem; 
Psalms 122:6

The Intercession Committee is made up of both men and women who are dedicated to prayer and fasting by interceding for pastors, the leadership, the congregation, and petitions of such. The intercessors help with with the administration as altar workers when the calling is made and for healing.



*have a calling for the ministry of intercession
* six months of membership to collaborate.
*To be an official you must be a 1-year member of the church
*having an interview with the officials of the church 


Director: Dora Alicia Fraga

The heart of this church if on fire for the lost souls and 
specially for our brothers in the faith. This department 
ministers to physical , emotional and spiritual needs of  our 
churches and different areas of the community around us and 
into Mexico and other countries.
This department is open to all 
volunteers that love the Lord and want to give a helping hand 
to the needy.

Deparmental Activities
1. We carry on a special missions servce ever  month.
2. we collect groceries to help the needy in the area and Tresh 
dumps of Matamoros Mexico.


Postal Address
          36 Sem Perl Blvd.
Brownsville Texas 78521 USA

Bank Deposits
       Lone Star National Bank
                Acc.# 13184
{Under the name of Mision Divina}


Director: Marisol Villegas

Sunday School offer Bible classes for all ages of your family. There's classes for needs, all the way form Adults, youth, children and membership classes too. We teach many themes relevant to to daily life, relations and family life. we offer them all year long and you can enter at any time. you will make friends , we have rooms with plasma tv's and games, everything necessary to know Jesus in your life.

Our Vision
The heart of the Sunday School  is to learn your position in Christ and to know him trough the holy scriptures.

* Teachers
* Asistants
* Ushers
* Security
* Audio/Vision
* Greeters

* Membership for 6 months
* Processed by the directors
* Responsible with meetings
   and seminaries.

Department Activities
* 2 Graduations a year
* Seminaries and Clinics
* Meetings ever 2 months
* Outreatches in the city parks
* Dramas, Music, and more.


Directors: Carlos Hernan Vega and Beverly Estrada

The financial department of the church is called by God to take control of the administrative business of Mision Divina church.


Directora: Beverly Estrada

The secretarial department of the church is called by God to take care of all the office duties, accessories of membership  and certain business of the church.


Genovevo y Juanita Izaguirre- 956-546-2039
Fran Sweet- 469-688-1593
Elias Delgado-956-459-7737/956-838-2829
Miguel Medrano- 956-545-4845
Olivia Garcia-Guevara- 956-407-3471
Claudia Garcia 956-832-3055
Fransisca Torres- 956-517-3105
Paulino Villegas- 956-639-2631
Marisol Villegas- 956-509-6524
Stephen Duff- 956-639-8222
Brenda Duff-Izaguirre- 956-639-2608
Joe Ramirez- 956-572-5877
Pilo Villegas Sr.- 956-465-7938
Oscar Alaniz- 956-708-8584
Ivan Sarmiento- 956-559-6002
Lluvia Gonzalez- 956-561-7238
Carlos Hernan Vega- 0115218681012821
Reyna Piñon- 956-266-8809
Adriel Izaguirre - 956-466-8070 

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The following beloved brothers and sisters were pillars of our church. They lived a sacrificed life and walked hand by hand with Jesus, they embraced the  vision of Mision Divina as if it was their own. This page is in remembrance of these saints.